Giving birth at the birthing centre

A natural birth is a safe birth

Women have been helping and supporting other women during childbirth since time immemorial. The type of care and the midwives’ training have changed over time, but midwives remain an invaluable and indispensable source of expertise, care and support during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal and nursing periods.

We support women and families on their journey through pregnancy with great passion and commitment day in, day out, and look after them up to the point of birth and beyond.

Helping new life on its journey into the world is a matter that is truly dear to our heart. Your wellbeing and that of your baby are our number one priority. No question is too much for us, no emotion too demanding. Having attended to more than 4,500 births, we are familiar with every human feeling. We know that you will sometimes have doubts about whether you can manage it – but we also know how powerful and strong women are and that you are capable of giving birth. We are here for you.

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Many good reasons to give birth here

  1. We will care for you with great dedication, empathy and expertise, and are here for you 365 days a year.
  2. Our family rooms offer you a home from home – a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, comfort and security and round-the-clock care.
  3. We combine longstanding experience with the latest scientific knowledge in the field of midwifery to ensure the safety that you expect from us.
  4. We give you the time that you need before, during and after the birth to enable you to recuperate and to optimally promote bonding with your child.
  5. Alongside our cosy rooms, the physical wellbeing of your entire family is also catered to during your stay here thanks to our excellent cuisine, which is made exclusively from organic, wholefood ingredients from the local region.