“I knew from the first contact onwards that I could feel safe here. The midwives encouraged me to trust in my body. It was both my heart and my instinct that opted for the birthing centre.”

Nadja Steiner

“Initially, I was very sceptical about the idea of giving birth at a birthing centre. The midwives already addressed my fatherly concerns in a very effective way during the preliminary consultation and were able to allay my fears straight away. Looking back, having our children at Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland was the best decision.”

Cyril Eigenheer

“My first two children were born in hospital. By my third pregnancy, it was clear to me that I didn’t want an epidural this time round. The first consultation at the birthing centre reaffirmed our decision to give birth here. And we were richly rewarded. Bringing our third child into the world in the peaceful atmosphere of the birthing centre and with the empathetic support of our midwife was a wonderful experience.”

Kerstin Hüttermann

“Welcoming our daughter into the world in peace and love was such a beautiful moment. We were able to settle in without any stress or hustle and bustle around us. The moments when the midwives allowed our daughter the time she needed to find the nipple herself and when they showed us how to do baby-led potty training were very impressive. We regularly recall this wonderful birth experience.”

Martina and Thomas Deim

“My second birth at the Bäretswil birthing centre was just how you want childbirth to be: it took place in an environment in which everyone helped to make it a natural, safe and loving experience. I had complete faith in the midwives, which gave me the freedom I needed to relax at such an incredible time and focus on what I had to do.”

Luzia Bonilla

Natural birth in safe hands

Pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal and nursing periods are natural processes, but they also involve big changes and raise many questions. We provide families with empathetic, expert support during this intense and exciting time.

A new life needs special protection. In the mother’s body, the growing child enjoys comfort and security and is provided with everything he or she needs.

At Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland, the environment is similarly safe and sheltered, enabling you to welcome your child in comfort and security and with empathetic care from our midwives. We know how sensitive and emotional the pregnancy and the time before and after the birth is. It takes time to understand all these natural processes and get to grips with them internally.

At Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland, you, your partner and your newborn child will receive individual support, including round-the-clock care during the postnatal period. We put all of our passion, commitment, expertise and experience into making the life-changing experience of becoming parents easier, safer and more pleasant for you.

Welcome to Geburtshaus Zürcher Oberland – please feel at home!

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