Well prepared every step of the way, right through to the birth

No two pregnancies are alike. For that reason, our midwives give you individual, expert care that is tailored to your precise needs. We know how important it is to have a single contact for all your questions about pregnancy and childbirth from the start. Regardless of what is on your mind during the pregnancy, we are here for you!

Comprehensive university midwife training incorporates both the latest midwifery and medical knowledge and traditional healing methods, in which we draw on “the treasure trove of nature”.

We care for around 400 pregnant women per year. We will take the time for you that you need. Please ask all the questions that are on your mind – we are very happy to listen and will explain exactly what we are doing. During the antenatal check-ups, it is important to us to establish a relationship based on partnership and a personal bond with you.

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Our offer

  • Individual preliminary consultations (free in the event of definitive registration)
  • Expert, individual care and advice throughout the pregnancy
  • Antenatal check-ups from early pregnancy
  • Antenatal courses for first-time parents
  • Antenatal classes lasting one afternoon for parents who already have children