Final check-up

Safety after the birth

When you go home from the birthing centre, it is the start of a new, exciting phase in your life. You will have many new experiences and your body will need a lot of energy in these first few weeks to get used to the new situation and recover from the birth. For that reason, we offer you a final check-up six weeks after the birth.

This follow-up check takes place six to eight weeks after you are discharged from the birthing centre. You are welcome to bring your baby and/or your partner. If possible, the check-up will be performed by the midwife who attended to you during the birth. It is extremely important to us that you continue to feel well-looked-after in a familiar environment here at the birthing centre.

We will check how your body has coped with the change and will talk to you about the birth again and, if required, about the topics of contraception, family planning and sexuality.